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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starting today great story giveaway

As promised the ceremonial first giveaway of my blog. And as mentioned yesterday it is for one full sized 15oz MAC Pigment glass charm in the color of Navel Blue. This is a $19.99 value. This item will be sent to your desired address via UPS Next Day Air. Now for how the contest works send me your story. Any story it doesn’t matter what it is about as long as it is funny, inspirational, or just plain entertaining in any way. You can include small pic or video if you like. I will pick the one I like the most and print it in my blog for which you will receive the credit you may include any links to any Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Booths or other selling forums at the end of the story which I will also print. In addition I will include them at the bottom of my blog in the “Links to check out” or the “Blogs to check out” sections. To enter the giveaway first become a follower of my blog that’s the easy part just push the Follow button in the Followers section right under the ads on the Left side of the screen. Next email your story to (please put Giveaway in the subject line) add any pics or video and don’t forget any links you want to mention. Have you story emailed before Thursday February 17 2011 by 4:00pm Mountain Standard Time. Winners will be announced on Friday February 18 2011 by 4:00pm Mountain Standard Time and the prize will be shipped out that afternoon. Well I guess that’s about all you need to know. I can’t wait to read your submissions I know they will be amazing. And to everyone reading this good luck and God bless.