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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buddy’s courageous story

Buddy was Adam’s dog before he was mine. This story happened before buddy entered my life. At the time of this story Adam lived in the townhouse he live in when I met him. It was about 6pm and Adam had just gotten home from work and was taking Buddy out for a walk. In the course of the walk they encounter someone walking his Akita. Akita’s are known for being very territorial and this one was no exception and it became apparent they should not get these dogs close to one another so they both walked in different directions. A short time later Adam walks behind his unit and there was a corner that they came to as Buddy comes around the corner a few seconds before Adam the Akita was on the other side and pounced on Buddy. Adam immediately jumps on the other dog that at this time is on top of Buddy ripping is stomach open. At this point Adam’s hands and wrists are all bitten up and Buddy is literally open all the way down and his intestines are hanging out they are able to get the other dog off. The fire dept. show up and tell Adam they can’t help a dog. He is so instant that they finally wrap Buddy up in a fire blanket and tape it up so Adam can take him some place. Adam’s mother came over right away and they had to drive to 3 different animal hospitals before one said they could handle a case that bad. Buddy was on life support for 2 weeks and had to have extensive surgery on his bowls. Finally Buddy was ready to come home the doctors told Adam that Buddy’s quality of life may have been compromised well I’m here to tell you that I have known Buddy for the last 6 years and he is the greatest, smartest, most loving dog I know. I thank God that Adam is a person that doesn’t put a price on a pet, family member.

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