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Friday, February 11, 2011

My story in honor of the giveaway

I was at work yesterday and during the course of the day I had told several of my coworkers a story about my Booker those of you that have read my blog probable know who Booker is and the rest of you that’s fine. Booker is my newest furbaby, she is an African Gray parrot and before she lived with us she learned some colorful words. Anyway everyone that heard the story thought it was so funny so I realized I should share it with you in honor of my STORY GIVEAWAY I hope it inspires some of you to tell your stories. So here it goes.

Booker is a very vocal bird but she is most vocal when I am in the room alone with her. Her favorite is when I am on the computer because it is right next to her cage. So every time I get on the computer and my husband is not in the room she sits on the top of her cage and squawks at me. At some point she always gets excited and starts making high pitched and really loud sounds to which I tell her “Be quite Booker” to which she tells me “meow” I reply to her “it’s not the cat Booker it’s you” she relies to me “bark” at this point I want to laugh so bad but I know it is like a child and I can’t cave in so I once again tell her “Booker it’s not the dogs it’s you be quite” and she is so smart her next response it to make the sounds that she makes when she is mimicking the humans its kind of a wha wha wha like they used in Charlie Brown for the adults. I loved The Simpsons when I was younger and the great thing about that show is that there is an episode for almost everything. I remember this one about there dog and how he was doing bad thing and they wanted to train him at first all the dog hear was the wha wha wha . At the end though the dog heard wha wha wha sit and wha wha wha stay. Booker is like that dog where as she knows the words she hears a lot so in Bookers case is it is wha wha wha Booker and wha wha wha F#%$@*. For the record she already knew that word before she moved in.

I hope this has inspired you an maybe given you some ideas of something to share and thank you so much for reading my stories and sharing in my life.

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