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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Booker and all she has learned at my house

This is Booker. We got her about 2 months ago when on Friday at work I stumbled across an ad in Craigslist that said “African Gray with a fowl mouth (Actually quite funny)” and I was in love. The next day I started working on the husband see after the surprise of Annie I had to promise no more animals (little did he know I had my fingers crossed behind my back) it took me about an hour and I was on the phone with the breeder. When the breeder arrived at our house to deliver my baby he explained booker was a bird he had already sold to a lady that had teen age sons and they taught her lots of interesting thing to say. Mostly she dropped the f bomb. Since she has come to our house she has picked up every bad habit my husband and son have. Now keep in mind my son is 16 and my husband works in construction so she has learned a lot of bad habits. Her newest one is to make loogie and fart sounds. She also burps but I must admit I think she got that one from me. Well we have had her for 2 months so I guess we will see what she learns in the next 2 months I can’t wait.